How Can I Create a Crypto Token?

Creating your own crypto token doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Simply follow these steps and create your own ERC20 or BEP20 smart contacts!

Install MetaMask

Install MetaMask

You must have MetaMask installed with a sufficient quantity of ETH to cover the transaction gas fee.

Customize Details

Customize Details

Enter the name and choose the symbol for your selected Token. Then set the supply and quantity in decimals.

Deploy ERC20 Token

Deploy ERC20 Token

Use MetaMask to confirm the transaction. Your Token will be available to use after it has been deployed.

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What is the ERC20 token?

ERC20 is one of the most prominent and widespread Ethereum coins. The Deployfreetoken service works using only the best practices there are, that’s why we’ve chosen to give our customers the ability to create ERC20 tokens. Why exactly ERC20? It’s not that simple if we acknowledge the fact that ERC20 has emerged as the technical standard in the world of blockchain technology.

At the moment, it is utilized for token implementation in all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and offers a set of rules that other Ethereum-based tokens must follow. Let’s break down some of the most significant advantages of ERC20 Smart Contracts:

Protected by a smart contract

As you all know, smart contracts are established by default using the ERC20 token to guarantee security precautions

High revenue

Because of their widespread use and popularity, ERC20 tokens generate a higher revenue than other cryptocurrency coins.

Simplicity for the user

One of the most important reasons why Deployfreetoken works with ERC20 tokens is its simplicity for all its users. Later on this page, we will tell you exactly what you need to create your own ERC20 token for free using our service

Reliability and Recognition

The ERC20 cryptocurrency coin has proven itself in the blockchain landscape as one of the most reliable and technologically advanced tokens on the market, thus attracting more and more people to make investments using ERC20.

Uniqueness and Personal Touch

Creating an ERC20 token using our Deployfreetoken service, you will be able to fully customize your very own cryptocurrency coin, adding personal touches like an emblem and a unique name.

Quickness and High Liquidity

Due to the fact that ERC20 has been around for a while, it operates on a high liquidity rate, while the progress of ERC20 smart contract creation itself is as simple as it gets. Considering those two factors, you can create and then deploy your ERC20 token with only 20-30 seconds to create, a good idea and the will to promote it to gain more traction!


Frequently asked questions

Even though the majority of Ethereum users might be familiar with Binance contracts, there are still some questions that bother new cryptocurrency users who want to create ERC20 tokens. Let’s answer them one by one:

I am thinking of creating my own ERC20 token. Where should I start?
  • Great news! You have actually already taken the first step by visiting! 
  • The next step is to read all the info on our pages attentively, as it might help you to avoid trouble with creating an ERC20 token of your own.
  • Now, you should install MetaMask and then add a sufficient quantity of BNB to complete the transaction. (You can skip this step if you already have MetaMask with enough currency to pay the gas fee.)
  • Then, choose the name of your future coin, and don’t forget: as you name the boat, so shall it float!
  • Select the emblem for the token. Also, mind that an image you choose might be one of the factors of your future token’s success!
  • After customizing your creation, choose among one of our supply packages, then set it in decimals.
  • Make the transaction through MetaMask.
  • Congratulations! Now you can deploy an ERC20 token of your own and use it later on!
How can I use my newly created ERC20 crypto token?

As we have mentioned previously, ERC20 is very similar to Ethereum, which means that you can use it, basically, in the same fields as the crypto world’s second-most influential token. Some main fields where you will be able to use your ERC20 coin:

  • Money and Finance
  • Identity Management
  • Surfing the web
  • Advertising
  • Playing Ethereum games (like cryptokitties, etc.)
  • Applications that support cryptocurrency payments
  • Your token can be used as a resource in exchange for NFTs
  • And many more, as the Blockchain technology is getting more and more traction with each passing day, thus giving Ethereum users new ways to use and deploy ERC20 tokens of their own as an additio
How do I move the created coins to my wallet?

Simply send the currency after creating an ERC20 token of your own using the preferred wallet application (in our case, it is MetaMask). As we have previously covered, ERC20 coins operate in a very similar way to Ethereum, which means any kind of action with your token would be as quick and comfortable as possible.

Would I have the ability to mint more coins after creating an ERC20 token with your service?

Yes! By using the Deployfreetoken service, you will have the option of minting tokens after creation. However, whether you will have this ability or not depends on the Supply Package and Token Access Type you had chosen beforehand.

Here are some of our Supply Packages you can choose from while creating your own ERC20 token for free:

  • Capped Supply Package: if you select the Capped Supply Package, you will not be able to mint more coins than the defined cap;
  • Unlimited Supply Package: generate an unlimited number of tokens.

And different Token Access Types we provide for your crypto coin: 

  • Ownable Access: only the Token Owner will be able to mint new coins;
  • Role-Based Access: only addresses with the MINTER role will be able to mint new tokens;

Ready to Create ERC20 Token?

Don’t hesitate and start your journey to the world of the future with Blockchain! Creating an ERC20 token of your own is the first step toward the implementation of high-tech into your everyday life!

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